Yerba Santa Ceramic Hand Build Bowl
Hand Build Ceramic Bottle

Ceramic Artwork for the Unconventional Collector.

Wind, and sand, and the intricate forms of scattered trees, the intimate clusters of the spiny lobes of cacti close to the ground, a twisting texture of life where no life seems possible.  Inspired by the landscapes and cultures of the American Southwest, my sculptural vessels of Yerba Santa present an abstraction of the organic, endlessly generative forms of rock and vegetation native to this region.  For the aficionada of succulent plants, these rippling, bristling, undulating shapes turn the fruit of your gardening hobby into a home design motif of endless possibilities.
My ceramic art portfolio includes:  hand build ceramic bowls, hand build ceramic vases, hand build ceramic sculptures. Each of these pieces would be a great ceramic gift or a collectible art piece for your home decor.

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